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For many men, women are a mystery. They were for me, too. I was
raised by my mother, who in all her good intentions taught me
absolutely nothing about what women want in a mate. She told me to
“Just be nice.” But here’s a surprise–it doesn’t work.

Does that mean you need to be a “jerk” to get the girls ? Not
exactly. You need to embody the characteristics of an alpha male,
one who relies on nobody but himself for validation. One who walks
through life with purpose and confidence.

The good news is, seduction is a skill to learn like any other, and
with enough study and practice, the nerdiest guy can attract and
date very attractive women. How do you do this ? First you have to
meet them.

Most people meet through friends, family, and social gatherings.
Increasingly, people are using the Internet, most with limited
success. I’m not going to teach the tactics of meeting women
online, but most of this knowledge is transferable to that realm.

So what do you do when your social sphere is exhausted ? Where do
you meet women ? Well … look out your window. They are everywhere.
Approaching a stranger may seem hard at first. You may think that
you are invading their privacy, but in my experience most people
enjoy being approached, and will open up to a stranger if that
person’s energy and charisma are dialed in. Read the rest of this entry »


{April 20, 2008}   Self Mastery

I believe almost all of this is self-mastery. . comfort in projecting
yourself outwards into your environment, trusting your right to
influence your environment, and fully internalizing the idea that any
future situation you find yourself in, you WILL be able
to take care of.

if you are not controlling events in your own life, you will feel
beta-ed at a very fundamental level. Set aside a certain amount of
time every day to be proactive about life administration. Go AFTER
the things you need to get done in your life. Control your time
management and life organization and you will build and grow masculine
fulfillment. This is self-mastery

Do not fear the future. Instead throw yourself into it, because when
you do, you will realize you actually DO have the faculties to take
care of any situation you might face.. that you’re not actually
“throwing” yourself out there, but just experiencing more of life. ,
In this way, you’re taking YOUR action, instead of just reacting to
whatever happens. This builds self-mastery

And remember.. the baseline reset to your guys’ minds and bodies, is
physical exertion. You must exhibit physical control over your own
bodies to build self-mastery

{October 4, 2007}   ATTITUDES

ATTITUDES – Sets the frame that you have higher value than her
1. You have my permission / I approve
2. Some people take pictures – other people are in pictures
3. You are the cool guy – she is the dorky girl
4. You owe me $50 bucks for making me look good in front of all
these people
5. Give yourself a gold star
6. I usually charge for that
7. You are in my reality – You are in my world
8. Back to me – Me is my Favorite Topic
9. I’m the star – DONT give me compliments
10. I’m not sure you can keep up with me


Eye contact
Give strong eye contact initially, then if theirs fade, look
slightly away and increase tone, then when she re-initiates, resume

———— ——
I’m gonna have to break up with you – You can keep the cat
You are so losing me
You are so in the friend zone
You’re really sensitive on the inside
That’s a deal breaker

After she gives you a compliment
———— ——— ——— —
Don’t start liking me. Okay .. what else have you noticed about me!

Mood Lifters
1. You are such a ball of energy. I would totally crush you into a
powder and make a vitamin out of you – it would be a great pick me up
2. I’m looking into your eyes right now and I’m thinking about how
I’m going to break up with you 6 months from now

Things to create Intrigue
———— ——— —-
1. The 6 Senses – Talk about adventures, music, food, and touch,
using the word LIKE to compare and contrast
2. You have an honest face, but I can’t tell you
3. BE VAGUE on some things and yet BE DESCRIPTIVE on others

———— —-
Stop looking at me like that
You’re a stranger – I don’t even know you
Take away on a high note and come back
I’ll tell you in a minute
Your eyes tell the full story – don’t they. You have a story in your
eyes which I wouldn’t mind exploring

{June 1, 2007}   Outline of my Game by Tatoo

Due to the most recent threads going back and forth on this list I
feel the need to remind you guys who we are. Even if you’re
considered a dating coach that still comes second to one thing. You
were and are a pick-up artist first. If you’re still a recovering
AFC that is fine as well because THAT is what this lair is about.
I’m sure Monkee didn’t make this list for people to banter back and
forth and rip into other peoples sticking points so I hope we can
get back on track here.

With that said I’m going to post a method that I use in field and
I’d like active sargers to take a moment and post some of there
ideas and comments on this as well.

The Venue:
The sarge begins right when you enter the venue. If the venue is a
club then you have to remember that everyone in the venue,
especially women are there for one reason in particular. To have
FUN. Clubs are a breeding ground for emotional stimulation to women
for many reasons. They can dress in a way that makes them feel sexy
and the club justifies this behavior. The music being played allows
them to dance which in turn makes them feel sexy and creates
hightened emotion. Think about your how your emotions react when
you’re listening to your favorite song. For me when I hear certain
songs I get a charge of sexual emotions and my state increases. Same
thing is happening to women when they’re at a dance club. They want
to exercise these emotions. Women are at a club to socialize with
there friends. As we all know, women from the time they’re able to
talk and mingle on the playground they’re practicing their social
skills and stimulating each other mentally with conversation.

For the PUA: We need to enter the venue with the same attitude. I’m
here with my friends to have a great time, have a cocktail if I
wish, and enjoy the music. My friends are cool and being with them
makes me feel good. Everyone else at the club is an added bonus
because they’re in my world. Lately I’ve been going out with a
friend that has just rcently moved here from Scotland and has a lot
of natural game but most importantly the two of us always have a
good time when we go out because we stimulate each other with great
conversation, we’re laughing non-stop, and we generally dont give a
fuck about whats going on around us. You want to have this kind of
relationship with your wing because it breeds success. Why? Because
when we’re having fun we begin to naturally show how comfortable we
are, our energy is high and addictive to the people around us, and
we’re laughing so much that its hard not to notice. Our having a
good time is attractive to women because GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN.

Open the room: You’ve already entered the venue with high energy,
laughing with your wing, possibly grabbed yourself a drink and now
its time to open the room. With good body language start talking
with random people a little bit. If a couple that you know is
together is standing next to you, cheers them and tell them how cute
they look together. Do it with a big smile on your face. If you see
a group of guys standing around, ask them if they cought the end of
xyz game and who one. It doesn’t really matter what it is you talk
to these people about just as long as it holds value, you
demonstrate your alpha male traits etc. The reason you’re doing this
is whats key and thats to desplay that you’re a social guy out
having a good time. With opening the room you’re getting people
involved in your world and it prevents being the guy that only talks
to girls to pick them up. Women pay attention to this kind of shit.
You guys that are at venues with other PUAs have the advantage to
open them as well, say something like, “what’s up man, hey I’m
grabbing a drink for so and so, I’ll come back and chat with you in
a minute, It’s great to see you.” It’s a great way to work the room.
Many good sets have been fucked up that way so make a mental note to
yourself NOT to do this.

The Approach: There is a number of different tactics to approaching
women so its up to the PUA to determine which approach is better
suited according to the logistics of the set. Try and post up in an
area where a lot of HBs are posting up as well (it helps for
logistics) RULE- He who opens the set, owns the set. That is why I
like to be the one to open all my sets so I have my pick. Many times
I’ve opened sets and before I’ve chosen my target another PUA will
get greedy and work the set in his favor. Always ask the person who
opened the set who’s the target. There have been times I’ve opened
into large social circles that can become a shoe in for future LTR’s
and then I introduce a fellow PUA and he’s gone in before asking and
taken girls from my set. I’m not mad about this because I’ll always
open more sets, but be respectfull otherwise that fellow PUA wont
invite you into sets anymore and just because of one lay could cost
you ten. If You make a mistake, make it up to him. Open a set and
give him his pick. There will always be another set.

So, You’ve got an opener picked out and you’ve already dispayed
you’re a social guy by opening the room so it wont be a complete
shock that you’re going to talk to your set. They’re in good range
to display good body language because you’ve posted up in an area
that allows better logistics. I like situational openers that kind
of having an opinion opener touch to them. Here’s a demonstration of
one I’ve been using.
(Like I said, the wing I’ve been running with is Scotish and his
acsent is money)
Me: Do you consider an acsent attractive?
(If you’ve displayed value correctly around the venue, and you
entered the set with good body language and good energy, the set
will seem excited that you’re talking to them)
HB: Yeah!
Me: Have you met the coolest guy in the room yet?
(Credited Diesel)
HB: You?
Me: (laughing) No, come here and meet my friend.
I intro my wing.

I want her to chase me now:
Now that we’re in set, we’re building attraction with the group and
now I want to flip the tables on my target to start chasing me. I
bait her into saying something I could misinturpret what she said.
(This is really easy and she’ll pretty much do it naturally once
you’re in set for about 3-5 minutes.) I’ll bust on her by saying
something like “oh my god you’re so bad, stop it you’re going to
make me blush!” I want to play it like I’m cute and innocent. She’ll
be really reactive to me at this point and will probably start
blushing herself. I’m making her emotions escalate reaaly rapidly
with fun comments like this and she wants it to conitnue going so
she’ll be gaming you at this point. I try and find a way to throw in
that I’m not her type (which I’ve posted about in recent threads)
and she’ll continue to chase me to show that I am. Just keep in
mind, what you want to get is her chasing you. TD has many rutines
to do this as well so I suggest you read them and use them until you
develope your own tricks.

Isolation: Now that I have her chasing me she’ll be totally
receptive to isolation. I’ll usually be just about finished with my
drink at this point so all I have do is say “I’m going to go grab
another drink” walk a little past my target and put my arm out for
her to grab it. Her friends will be fine with it because they
understand she’s chasing me so she has her oppurtunity now to be
with me alone. Build rapport now with simple talk. Find things you
relate to, and let your body language do the talking in a sexual
manner with facial expressions and kino. When you return to the set,
the two of you are together now and everyone will realize this
perfectly clearly now because you should be arm in arm, giggling
together and enjoying each others company.

Bouncing locations our sticking in there to set up the Day2:
You have two choices. Bouncing the set our continueing building
rapport and getting the number. If you bounce the set you pretty
much suggest the idea to the group just like you would with your
friends you’ve known for a while, if they’re up for it’s time to go.
If not stick in there a little while, plan a day 2 with her and
she’ll suggest giving you her number, you wont have to ask for it. I
dont recommend going around and opening other sets. If you wanted
another set you should have opened them instead because once you’re
in the set this long it would be working backwards to eject it.

Conclusion: I work most of my sets this way and have had great
success with it. I’m sure I’ve left out many details so if you have
any questions/suggestio ns feel free to post them.

{March 3, 2007}   Field Report

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{March 1, 2007}   Being In State

So, if you want to be attractive, and not simply entertaining, you must evolve your social skills as well as your sense of who you are to a point of complete congruence.



Your identity can be high-value or low-value, or anything in between – and the value of your identity is something that you cultivate based on how entitled you think you are to have a dominant impact on your social environment, and how well you think you can handle both the good and bad reactions that go along with that.

Whether you realize it or not, there’s an idea in your mind about how much success you deserve out of life – or how much value you’re entitled to cultivate as the “guy” who you identify yourself as being. How much success you think that you’re entitled to have with women is a part of that self-concept as well.

Entitlement is a multi-layered concept, in the sense that feeling entitled to success with women is tied to feeling entitled to success in life. Many people note that the best part of studying to become good with women that is their drive for female companionship motivates them to become a better person. The confidence that they develop to get girls winds up extending into all other areas of their lives.

A guy who feels confident with women is the same guy who feels entitled to start conversations, to say what’s on his mind, to be the centre of attention, to socialize with other charismatic people, to dictate the vibe of interactions, to set the trends of what’s cool, and to express his personality freely.

His sense of being entitled doesn’t make him obnoxious or a conversation tyrant. Rather, it makes him confident that when he takes on a high-value identity people will enjoy it – like when a musician takes the stage and everyone likes it because he offers value.



A high-value guy with a strong sense of who he is basically has free run with women (with people in general, actually). By most people’s standards, it’s almost absurd to see how quickly women respond to this kind of confidence.

When a woman meets a guy who feels completely confident to talk to her, joke around with her, tell stories, and generally lead the interaction, she responds well automatically. He’s in.

But if a guy isn’t comfortable doing these things, she usually blows him off. That’s why the way that women respond to you (how much value you have) starts from your identity.

So where does your identity come from?

It’s crucial to realize that your self-concept is always evolving through your interaction with the world – often in reaction to the social feedback that you get from other people.

Let’s say that you try to take on a more high-value role and you’re accepted for it. All of a sudden, your identity is reinforced as being of higher value.

But let’s say that you try to take on a more high-value role and you’re not accepted for it (maybe people make fun of you). Suddenly you realize that you shouldn’t try anymore, and your identity winds up holding you back in the future.

As human beings, we are hardwired to be social. And as social creatures, we are always engaged in the process of eliciting social feedback, which influences us to react by adapting our identity for better or worse.



Our minds exist in a state of perpetual “pinging” with the people around us.

What that means, is that our minds are continually engaged in a sub-process of cross-referencing and validating our knowledge with the knowledge of others.

Through this subtle and constant process, our minds elicit “social feedback,” ranging from the most exceedingly subtle sub-communications to the most blatantly obvious responses – all of which are continually shaping and re-shaping our ideas about who we are and the world that we live in.

Whether you realize it or not, your interpretation of reality is very subjective, and massively influenced by the feedback that you get from your social environment.

That’s why for a person visiting a foreign land, there might be an experience of what is known as “culture shock,” where they feel a surreal disconnection from their environment. And likewise, for a person isolated too long from society, there might be lapses in sanity, where they can no longer relate themselves to the social norm.

We can conceptualize social feedback as a mirror through which the ways we act are cross-referenced and validated.

Because of social feedback, we have an idea of how to act “normal” – to recognize our status and how to act in a way that aligns with that.

Through our interaction with the world, we gain some concept of the behaviours that signify who people are, what roles they play, and their social value within a group.

On both a conscious and subconscious level, we have an idea of what a guy of high status and a guy of low status looks like.

We’ve all seen people of both high status and low status. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, our minds recognize the differences and responds emotionally.

So here is why social feedback is important.



If in the ongoing process of “pinging” you get social feedback that tells you your status is increasing or diminishing, your mind will feel social pressure to react by assuming the identity that you understand to be most suitable to the situation at the time.

As social creatures, we are adaptive. If we’re in an environment where we have or lack status, we will feel it, and feel pressured to step into the behaviours that our minds recognize as being suitable to the role.

It’s for that reason that a girl from a small town where she’s popular will often take on a totally different persona when she’s in a larger town where she doesn’t know anybody and pretty girls are everywhere in sight. Her confidence will change, the types of jokes that she’ll laugh at will change, and the types of people who she’s willing to hang around with will change as well.

Now, before we go too far down this path, it has to be understood that all people react to social pressure differently. Some people react very obviously while others don’t react at all. It depends on a concept in their minds called their “entitlement criterion.”



Your “entitlement-criterion” is the criterion that you think you need to meet in order to feel allowed to take on a high-value identity, and act in a way that women find attractive.

Depending on how your mind is wired, your entitlement-criterion will be made up of one or several of the following:

Superficial social standards: When you think that you’ve met the typically unrealistic standards of social conditioning (looking good, making money, having success, owning nice things, etc…)

Alliances: When you have guaranteed acceptance because of alliances (being friends with high-status people, having a hot girlfriend, having a lot of friend around, etc…)

Competencies: When you have anything that makes people want something from you (having access to something exclusive, having knowledge or expertise that people want to learn from, having entertaining jokes or stories or skills that engage people for a period of time, etc…)

Role-plays: When a temporary circumstance calls for you to assume a role that doesn’t reflect who you normally think you are (being the teacher in a teacher/student situation, being in a respected or professional role, being surrounded only by people of lesser status so filling the role of high-value by default, etc…)

Identity: When you have an internal belief of entitlement as being a part of who you are.

When your entitlement-criterion is met, your mind tells you “You are now allowed to take on all the subtle high-value behaviours that you’ve recognized in others.”

Your mind communicates this by the emotional state that it gives you. This phenomenon is often called “going into state.”

Being in state is a powerful experience. Often, the thing that literally addicts guys to improving with women is the state that they get out of it.

When you’re in state, the world is your oyster. Your mind quiets, and everything you do just works. Your humour hits, your stories rock, and people follow your lead. The guy who is the most in state usually has the strongest “magnet” of attention — so to speak.

There are different ways of thinking about why state has this impact, but a cogent explanation comes down to this: State is a reflection of identity, and your identity is a reflection of social value. Therefore, whoever is the most in-state must be the person with the highest social value.

Beyond that, as a part of human nature there is inherent value in people expressing their personality from a place of authenticity.

Your personality is a reflection of your life experiences. There is something to be learned from that. Your choices of humour or style, for example, are reflections of the way that you make sense of the world and the emotions that you want to evoke in it.

When you’re in state, you are expressing your personality without all the impurities of agenda. You are not trying to impress or persuade or conform. Your communication is more real, so to speak. People value that.

It’s often said that when you’re in state you are most connected to your authentic self. You aren’t reacting to how you think other people want you to be. You’re just expressing your personality and sharing your energy with people, and they can feel that you’re only offering value because you’re above needing a reaction from them.

For all of these reasons, being in state implies social value.

{February 28, 2007}   Statement of Affirmation

Maniac High talks about the affirmations he reads aloud before Sarging!This is my current ‘statement of affirmations’ I read this aloud (with passion) before PU and other times when I get the chance as a reminder of who I am, what I do, and why I am successful.

Street PU does not start when you hit the streets. That is a middle step. Rather, PU starts before that, in the preparation phase.

The very first phase, is definition of attitude, and affirmation:

I talk about left/right brain stuff in it a bit. Basically idea is that emotion and passion come from the right, and logic comes from the left.

Below is the first step:

Ok, here we go:
(A)TTITUDE/CONFIDENCE! [you will EVERY DAY, PU or NOT, do this statement of ATTITUDE!]

Stage 0: Statement of BELIEF!

-You believe, and incorporate the following statement into your core being because


-As you read them, they will go inside you, and become a part of YOU! Each time, you read them, say them outloud, they are MORE a part of YOU, and CANNOT be taken AWAY!

Stage 1: Clear mind, lose fear

-You will kill the AFC inside you, that polite/serious “nice guy”, is fading..fading..gone!

-You will relax!

-Wake up right brain

-Play fucking loud techno/other music (will allow right brain to break through left’s block)
[I like “Techno Mix USA; tracks 6,7,8.. it is just OVERPOWERING!]

-Go someplace you can talk to yourself/pump yourself up without place/time stress

-Your right brain will LEAD the left brain from here on out

– The left brain will assist in logical thinking during PU, but the CONFIDENCE, LEADERSHIP, and ENERGY of the right brain means that right brain will LEAD from now on!

-you are relaxing, right brain is awaking from his sleep and is becoming free to lead!!

-PU is a game.. it is practice, an experiment to see how far you can lead a
chick, how quickly

Subject: Statement of Affirmation!

-You will convey your words with ATTITUDE, and PASSION, because this is what you BELIEVE in. You are SURE you are right, you KNOW you can PU and ROCK chicks, because you are PREPARED. Because of that, you can work NON STOP with CONVICTION, and PASSION and ATTITUDE!
Stage 2: Statements of FACT / Build ATTITUDE [remember these important points!]

-You are UNSTOPPABLE!, like the terminator!, you WILL NOT STOP, and NOTHING phases you!

-You make NO excuses for your desires as a man!

-You are 50 feet tall

-YOU are an ASF master because you have STUDIED, EXPERIENCE, have PRACTICED, and are very much more PREPARED than any AFC’s out there!

-Because you are an ASF master, and are prepared, you will RULE tonight!

-YOU RULE over all the other AFC’s and losers out tonight!

-They are NOT competition to you, because they are NOT prepared!

-You only competition is your fear, and you will DEFEAT fear, because the right brain is unstoppable!

-You call bullshit and will turn on a dime when bullshit is tried!

-You ALWAYS keep your cool, unless you lose it intentionally to shake up a chick

-You take nothing for granted and CONFIRM everything by offering her a choice and a chance
(ie. she is busy, not interested, excuses, BF)

-You will CALL all her excuses, and find a away AROUND them jujitsu style!

-You will take NOTHING as sacred (you dont worry about what any ONE chick does/rejects)

-You will be POSITVE, but realize ‘its only a game’ cynically!

-You will NOT be phased by FAILURE, you will CRUSH it IMMEDIATELY, by REPLACING
failure with IMMEDIATE and SUBSEQUENT effort, resulting in SUCCESS!

-Visible attitude, eyebrows up ‘ooh’ its a chick!, lets see what we can do with her!
Stage 3: Re-affirmation of what you KNOW women WANT, and NEED from YOU!

-You are a PUA, prepared, and with SKILL on how to ROCK a chick SEXUALLY, and EMOTIONALLY!

-She needs you MORE than you need her, because SHE is REPLACEABLE, a commodity, and you are NOT! You are a RARE commodity, one who can ROCK a chick!

Subject: Statement of Affirmation!

-If she rejects you, she will be punished by spending the night ALONE, or with an INFERIOR man!

-If she is smart, and you CONVEY PERSONALITY and STRENGTH, you are DESTINED to SUCCEED!

-It is OBVIOUS women WANT to be seduced!

-It is OBVIOUS women WANT excitement!

-You are one of the FEW who can offer HER that excitement which she wants tonight!

-It is OBVIOUS women WANT adventure!

-You are one of the FEW who can offer HER that adventure which she wants tonight!

-It is even more OBVIOUS that YOU are more qualified and more capable than all the AFCs out there tonight to GIVE her that excitement and adventure!

-YOU are the ticket to that chick’s pleasure, excitment and fun tonight!

-You WILL show chicks that they need your excitment and sex… BECAUSE IT IS TRUE!!

-It is CERTAIN that any lady out there NEEDS it from YOU!

-It is also CERTAIN that she will be so GLAD after you did!

-Chicks who are SMART will accept the gift you are offering her!!

-Only chicks who DESERVE you and are SEXY enough, and SMART ENOUGH to recognize what YOU bring will be able to get you!


Stage 4: Statement of Objective (to YOURSELF)

-The purpose of this evening is to GAIN SKILL! Because you are gaining skills, and trying NEW techniques, which you have PREPARED FOR, you will learn and DEVELOP, and REPORT on the and IMPROVE on them! That is the PURPOSE of the evening!

-Tonight is an ADVENTURE! You do not know how the night will end, but because of your preparation, it WILL be EXCITING and NEW! You will OVERCOME ALL FEAR, and CRUSH anything before, or inside you which is in the way of your GOAL!

-If you meet a PUA who is better than you, you will NOT fear him! Instead you will study him, practice HARDER, and become LIKE HIM!

-When stuck or faced with new situations, you will remember that the goal is to OFFER adventure, and excitement to the chick. You will allow left brain to think of ideas, but right brain will LEAD, and DIRECT the PU, with ATTITUDE, and CONVICTION.

-Life is full of amazing experiences, one adventure at a time!

Subject: Statement of Affirmation!

-You do NOT only pickup girls, you invite them on rewarding adventures of pleasure which only YOU can give them!

-You are looking for ADVENTURE, and an adventure PARTNER to share it with!

-You will do PU, and structure opportunities and offer challenges!

-You will ASSIST the chick in taking you up on those OPPORTUNITIES!

-You ARE desireable, and it is the job of the chick to SHOW YOU why she deserves you!
Stage 5: Reaffirmation!

-You will read the above 3 times, and state it (shout it) aloud to yourself each time and internalize it. (if you just read it, right brain will not hear it, and it wont work)

-By rereading aloud and reaffirming the above, it empowers you to do a PU..RIGHT NOW!!

-If you are not confident or lose confidence, go back and reread/reshout!!

-Go expose yourself to people (shopping, whatever) for 30 minutes

-Do eye contact practice, get chicks to eye you back

-Say ‘Hi’ to 3 chicks out there (Svengali warm up)

-Do this EVERY DAY, whether PU’ing, or NOT!

-Now GO!! **NOW**!

{February 25, 2007}   Good Advice from Destro

Gaming begins before you go out:

Not in the mindset to go out? can’t find a wing and can’t get yourself out of the apartment to do a solo sarge?

I often read the materials that got me into this that night, if I have this attitude, even if it’s 10 pages of “The Game,” that originally inspired me – Getting into mindset is key.

Dressing congruent to your identity is key –
Dressing well is key –
Think you dress well? Think again – ask a female friend for advice.

My opener begins before I leave the apartment, because first impressions (dress, style) will dictate how well my opener hooks.

I try to go out to impart positive energy – I don’t go out to prove something to myself: – (ie. that you’re not a loser and can pick up chicks)… Inner game must be dealt with first if this is the reason I am going out and gaming.

Creating vacuum states (Juggler method):
This has been golden for me in comfort stages, and really gets a girl to invest.. which helps DEEP rapport.

Well, these are things that I have been noticing in my game in September – some of it may be helpful and some may not – learning points are always style specific, especially the mini isolation technique- more to come in the future..


and this…

Was it game or luck that I met a really cool chick more open to a romantic endeavor at that point in time? I would say it is both – I’ve noticed that people are really hard on themselves because girls sometimes don’t respond to their game – when in reality – a lot of it has to do with timing, mental state of the girl, and just plain luck. gamers therefore make use of the numbers game – approach anxiety doesn’t control them, they control it to the point where they are constantly on the edge – but not at an uncomfortable position because being uncomfortable/hard on yourself/too hypercritical – results in frustration which results in bitterness – which results in feelings of quitting. I rarely hear about the 50 blow outs before a close, except maybe in Brad P.’s one and only FR – so realize that this is STILL a numbers game. I realize that Style’s book would not have sold if he didn’t glorify himself a bit – and he only talked about the 5 blowouts before his full close. I’ve heard it from a number of master instructors before personally – Sean from pickup 101, Sinn, Tenmagnet from MM – it is a numbers game for puas as well – they just try not to lose the opportunity when it presents. It’s a numbers game.

{February 25, 2007}   Field Report for Friday

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